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Modern Hospital Tables: Key To Better Treatment

25 Nov 2015

Hospitals are well known for the betterment of public by curing their medical problems and diseases. A good environment of hospital is necessary for treatment of disease. Hospital furniture plays an important role in medical treatment. Where good quality furniture helps patients to feel comfort while their stay in hospital also helps doctor in treatment of patients with ease and comfort.

Hospital Tables are used in hospitals in many purposed while treatment of patients. Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd popularly known as DESCO India is leading manufacturer of Hospital Tables and other hospital furniture with modern equipments.

Hospital Tables by DESCO India

Hospital Tables are used for plastering, cure and dressing of wounds in hospitals. DESCO India is a manufacturer of modern quality hospital tables which are designed for good treatment and easy cleaning. Our products include Hospital Plaster Table and Swaddling Table for child care.

  1. Hospital Plaster Table By DESCO India

    Made with Stainless Steel body plaster table is made with six movable parts which can move under each other for better cleaning. There is a movable waste collection container that can move under every part for cleaning and waste collection. Knock down construction helps to save freight. Hospital plaster table has dimensions of length, breadth and height of 180x65x80 cms respectively.

    2. Swadding Table (Baby Table) by DESCO India

    Provided with two shelves, this swaddling table is for child care and has dimensions 115x65x90 cms length, breadth and height respectively. Upper shelf of table is made up of plastic and lower self is laminated. Knock down construction helps in saving freight.

    DESCO India is a manufacturer and supplier of hospital furniture at wholesale rates. Our modern quality hospital tables are designed with maximum comfort to patients and ease to doctors. Our aim is to provide best quality furniture to hospitals at good prices. We keep a close eye on the manufacturing of medical furniture and equipments, so our products deliver best quality and are available at reasonable prices.

    If you want any kind of furniture including hospital tables and beds than DESCO India will help you by providing modern quality furniture.