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How are Stretchers Used in Homes?

16 Aug 2018

Stretchers are fast becoming household objects as they are helpful in providing homecare to aging people suffering from severe immobility. Retirement homes and old homes keep these products for convenience of their residents. The biggest advantage of these products is that they give mobility. Medical Hospital Furniture is the largest supplier with the largest range of patient mobility vehicles.

Wheelchair Stretcher: This simple looking chair has got wheels to move. Made of high-grade aluminium, it can easily take the bulk load of 150 kg. Also, it is convenient to clean and it remains rust free. This chair has pockets and hooks for carrying additional accessories like medicines and test reports. It is good for use in narrow lanes and congested places.

Ambulance Stretcher Bed Cum Wheelchair: This multipurpose device is quite helpful in transporting critically ill patients from their homes and accident victims from accident spots. These hospital ambulance stretchers come with foldable designs for convenience. A device can be folded into a wheelchair and stretched to make a bed as and when required.

Folding Design Stretchers: It is a great product with manual use in accessible areas where wheel based devices can’t work. Advantage of this folding design is its lightweight. It is sturdy but light in weight. It can be folded and stretched in a hassle free manner. Medical vans can carry multiple folding devices for transporting multiple people.

Patient Transfer System Stretchers: These are medical stretchers used for transferring patients from one bed to another without causing any hassle to the patients. These products allow handling of a couple of patients at a time. The patients can be shifted from operation theaters to their respective wards for recuperation.

Medical Hospital Furniture has the complete range of hospital stretchers and we offers these quality products at a very competitive price. It is a leading name in medical supplies and keeps its promise of providing quality supplies of all types of hospital furniture at a very affordable price.