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Hydraulic Delivery Bed Complete Support to the Women

26 May 2016

Hydraulic Delivery Bed offers complete support to the women with utmost care and concern. The bed makes the patient rest comfortably over foam mattress which has scratch resistant epoxy coating. The bed is scientifically designed and can be converted into delivery table easily without moving the patient during emergencies. The adjustable backrest and the Hydraulic system supported flexible foot pedals on both sides of bed keeps the patient relaxed during the operation.


The bed is well-equipped with all the necessary tools including: adjustable telescope, Trendelenburg system which is easily changeable. It is supported by the gas spring attached on sides of bed, the sliding rectangle leg section, detachable head board, removable stainless steel bowls, trays and straps.

The manufacturing company Desco India has a team of highly professional technicians and experts in designing the Hydraulic delivery beds as per the specifications, according to the market needs and client preferences.  The Hydraulic beds are made of high quality material which maintains international standards by offering  a range of products such as telescopic delivery bed, obstetric delivery table, obstetric labor table, obstetric adjustable delivery table and bed with flexible telescopic view.

Most of the delivery tables have the attached Hydraulic pumps, which allow the adjustment of the table. The sliding leg section can smoothly fit below the main section. The back section and the leg section can be adjustable manually during the operation. The entire structure of the Hydraulic bed is made up of genuine parts and high quality approved material.

The leading manufacturer Desco India offers superior quality medical equipments with complete support and excellent services.