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11 Jul 2016

As far as tables are concerned, hospital table falls under a totally unique category. Modern healthcare system is not only equipped with high end medicines, doctors, and physiotherapists but also with different hospital furniture and other tools. Hospital furniture such as table and bed not only make a patient feel comfortable but also help the doctor in positioning during surgeries. Most of this Indian manufactured hospital furniture is uniquely designed to keep safety magnitudes along with different applications.

Previously hospitals had customary furniture only such as ward furniture, hospital beds, hospital carts, hospital stands, baby furniture, hospital cabinets, and bedside tables. However, with the introduction of modern technology and modern staff, today we see that hospitals are equipped with various high end furniture. Even under the category of hospital table we see so many different types, each of which are designed indifferently for a special or particular purpose.


For example we can consider an examination table for clinic, a genuine medical examination table, a manual examination couch, a treatment table, an electric table or any other special hospital table. The improvement is not only on the grounds of tables. We will see the same in case of bed and other instruments.

The best part is that most of these hospital tables come with a range of flexible options in terms of use so these tables are used differently in different times according to the purpose. Some of these furniture also come in folded forms so the user will be able to use it both as a bed or as a table, according to his need.

The list of modern hospital table is headed by overbed table, which comes in two types, tilt and non tilt. Basically, it is a bed which can be folded into a table. It has a movable tray that can be used in different ways such as keeping food or writing. It is best for those people who spend hours in bed for different purpose and cause.

Some of the other renowned modern hospital tables are tilt top table, pivot and tilt table, low bed table, automatic over bed table, u base over bed table, h base table, chair side over table, instrument table, gyne steel table, infant swaddling table,  obstetric delivery table, height adjustable operation table, auto tilt table, and many more. For all these, you will be able to find a sufficient number of Indian dealers, suppliers, and manufacturers both online and offline!