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Hospital Examination Table

12 Aug 2016

DESCO INDIA is the manufacturer and supplier of hospital examination tables. The company is engaged in an extensive range of Hospital examination tables which are available with the height adjustment facility by electric or hydraulic or crank mechanism. These particular designing tables are widely used in most of the nursing homes and major hospitals and are very cost effective. Advanced production technology and quality raw materials are used to manufacture these tables. It provides maximum comfort to patients and is also used to provide ideal patient positioning.


Other name for ‘Hospital Examination Table’ is ‘Medical Exam Table’. These are the types of hospital furniture which are used for treating and examining the patients lying down or seated. These tables are generally frequently adjusted and may consist of cabinets or drawers for the purpose of storage. DESCO is a very common brand for medical furniture.

A hospital examination table is used for placing the patient in a prone, seated or a supine position for facilitating a medical exam.


Hospital examination tables are sometimes designed for a specific medical specialty. Therefore, there are different types of this table, namely:

  • Gynaecology
  • Dermatology
  • Urology
  • Orthopaedic



These tables are principally characterized by the no. of individually adjustable segments which includes back, supports and leg rests, amid other capabilities. Patient’s correct position and comfort depends on these arrangements. Heights of some of the models of these tables are adjustable via electric, mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic system. The tables with wheels are easily movable from one place to another.

Choosing the right table

The choice for this table can depend on the number of sections, table mobility and access to the power source (in case of an electric table).

DESCO INDIA offers examination tables for a broad array of clinical environments. This may include aesthetic arrangements, basic exams, paediatric friendly, gynaecology exams, imaging and minor procedures.  Hospital examination tables configure to consider for power positioning, storage, stirrups, radio translucent, portability options and scales. Are you looking for a complete examination room setup? You should consider DESCO’s ‘Complete Room Package’.