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Manual Hospital Bed Supplier

Summary: This blog is all about manual hospital beds and their types manufactured by Manual Hospital bed supplier.


Manual hospital beds are medical beds in which hand cranks is used to raise the level of the bed along with the head and foot section. These ensures optimal comfort to the patient. Manual hospital beds are as versatile and comfortable as electric beds. They are just free from the risk of motor failure and also do not require much maintenance. These are sturdy, comfortable and reliable and also a cost-effective solution for long-term care purpose. There is no need of electricity to control their position and hence these serve as a best solution in areas having problem of power shortage.

One can easily find a Manual Hospital Bed Supplier who can offer quality approved beds at reasonable cost. They offer a variety of manual beds to be used in different facility in a hospital. These range from plain standard beds to plain laminated, plain wire mesh, semi fowler standard, semi fowler wire mesh, full fowler standard and full flower SS panel beds. While plain beds are nonadjustable, the height of full fowler beds can be adjusted so as to meet the needs of a patient.


For any hospital it is important to take care of patients in every possible manner. Among all hospital furniture, hospital bed is one the primary thing which plays a major role in determining comfort of a patient by ensuring anatomically correct sleep surface. Beds having hand cranks can be adjusted as per the individual needs so as to ensure utmost comfort level.

Desco Medical India Is a leading Manual Hospital Bed Supplier which manufactures ICU mechanical beds, pediatric beds, orthopedic beds, attendant beds and cholera beds along with the range of plain, semi fowler and full flower beds. These beds are made as per the standard guidelines of the healthcare industry using quality approved material. Beds can also be manufactured as per client’s specific requirements to meet their exact needs and expectations. starting from procuring raw material to dispatch of final product Manual Hospital Bed Supplier keeps a sharp eye on quality check at each and every step so as to deliver best quality manual hospital beds.

The Need For Hospital Bed Suppliers: A Pivotal Issue

Health is one of the most basic requirement and right of each and every individual in world. There are many hospitals, nursing centres, clinics, medical institutions etc that actually lay down the base for efficient healthcare delivery that is supported by doctors, nurses and other medical staff. But equally important is the need for furniture in the medical institutions to deliver supreme healthcare to the patients. Out of all the furniture, hospital beds are one of the most vital one that is needed.


If we talk about world, unfortunately there are still countries that has a wide range of growing population who is prone to diseases due to one or the other reasons. If seen on an average scale then the hospitals in some parts of world are definitely facing the scarcity of hospital beds and thereby the health care is affected. To ensure better facilities there must be a well planned set up for hospitals under which hospital beds must be a priority. Until and unless there are not sufficient hospital beds, patients will linger on to the surroundings and as a result both environment as well as the patient’s health will suffer.


In order to combat the situation well the medical institutions can tie up with the hospital bed suppliers to curb the scarcity. Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd is one such supplier of hospital beds who provide timely and quality driven hospital furniture to the medical institutions. Some of the best quality hospital furniture they design and sell includes hospital beds, trolleys, lockers, IV stand, stools and chairs, cabinets and many more. So in case there is any such requirement they can be contacted easily at rohit@descoinstruments.com. They build supreme quality medical furniture in compliance to higher standards of healthcare. Rest be assured of the timely delivery and get your medical institution, the best of hospital beds to meet the requirements of health care efficiently. Thereby if every medical premises take a firm step to have the best of hospital furniture, healthcare domain will become among the superior ones with better facilities all over.