Hospital Instrument Trolleys Manufacturers India

Many instruments are required in the hospital for medical, surgical and laboratory purposes. These are to be carried from one place to another and sometimes they are required in emergency. It is not possible to take them at a time and it requires a man force urgently to deliver all at the same moment. Hospital Instrument Trolleys are manufactured to solve this purpose. These trolleys are made from ISI approved material and available in two varieties of double and triple shelves.

The Trolleys are suitable to carry a large number of items used in hospitals for surgical and other procedures. DESCO Medical India is certified to manufacture and supply high-quality equipment and furniture. A variety of Instrument Trolleys are manufactured for different usages:

  • 2 Shelves Standard Instrument Trolley- The structure of the trolley is made up of round tube with knock down construction to escape any slipping of the trolley while carrying load. It is provided with two shelves with three side railings in each shelf for support. The two shelves can carry a number of items and the trolley is fixed on wheels so that it can be carried from one place to another conveniently and quickly.


  • 2 Shelves Deluxe Instrument Trolley- The framework is made of round tube and the body is fixed on 7.5cms castors. This trolley has two shelves to ship instruments.


  • 2 Shelves Push Handle Instrument Trolley- This is somewhat different type of trolley which is provided with push handle on one side to slide the trolley. The two stainless steel shelves have up stands on four sides for support so that the things on the trolley may not fall down. The trolley is made up of heavy angle.


  • 2 Shelves Heavy Instrument Trolley- It is made up of heavy round tubes and the two shelves are provided with railings on three sides. The trolley is well constructed to bear load and safe carrying of equipment from one place to another.


  • 3 Shelves Standard Instrument Trolley- All the three shelves are provided with up stands to protect the things from slipping down. The structure is made up of round tube and the trolley is strong enough to carry all the medical and surgical apparatus securely.


  • 3 Shelves Instrument Trolley with Push Handle- The trolley is manufactured from high class material and is provided with three trolleys with up stands on all the four sides. It has push handle on one side to drive the trolley from one place to another on wheels.


Many models are available for each trolley differing in the construction material and measurements. Hospitals and nursing homes require these types of trolleys for carrying instruments and medicines for patients. It is a prerequisite for any health center and it is provided that the quality of the trolleys should be superior enough to be used comfortably and safely. DESCO made products are known for their excellence and they are supplied at wholesale competitive prices. There is a wide range of equipment and furniture to be selected for various needs as trolleys with two shelves and three shelves, with push handle or without push handle, trolleys made up of different materials and measurements etc.

Hospital Anaesthesia Trolley Manufacturers India

People usually prefer hospitals that have the best equipment and other essential infrastructure. In case of an emergency, people make call to the ambulance and admits the patient immediately to the hospital. One of the essential infrastructures that every hospital must have to carry the patient from one place to other is wheelchair and stretcher. If in case, the doctors need to conduct some surgery for the patient, they need to have anesthesia. Usually, the doctors give General Anaesthesia for the patients and the nurse will carry the equipment in Anaesthesia Trolley machines.

Anesthesia is actually a medicine given to the patients at the time of operations. In order to lose the sensation of touch on their body on a temporary basis then, doctors will inject anaesthesia into the body of the patient. DESCO MEDICAL INDIA has numerous Hospital Anaesthesia Trolley that manufactures the best quality of trolleys for the hospitals. Check it out!

Hospital Anaesthesia Trolley Manufacturers

Anaesthesia usually comprises of some things so as to provide relaxation for the muscle and provide the best relief for the patient. There are different types of Anaesthesia that include General, Dental, Twilight, Local and Neuraxial Blockade Anaesthesia. Sometimes, doctors give it to the patient so as to prevent the pain in them during surgery. All the essential instruments present on the Anaesthesia cart include a lot more things.

Some of them include Gas Cylinder, Laryngeal tube, Medical monitor and a lot more. The Anaesthesia machine comprises of different components such as hospital oxygen, medical air and other gas. In these trolleys, you can find an integrated ventilator so as to provide proper oxygen for all the patients.

Types of Anaesthesia Trolleys

Check out the types of Anaesthesia Trolleys and their usage.

Standard Anaesthesia Trolley

The standard Anaesthesia Trolley comprises of 2 compartments wherein you can place the essential things required for making anaesthesia. In one compartment, you can have a total of 4 drawers to store the things. Based on your requirement, you can purchase the standard anaesthesia trolley available in different sizes and structures. The standard anaesthesia trolleys made up of stainless steel and coated with epoxy powder.

anesthesia trolleys manufacturers

Deluxe Anaesthesia Trolley

The Deluxe Anaesthesia Trolley comprises of a push handle so as to move it easily from one place to other. The hospital management can make use of these deluxe anaesthesia trolleys for different purposes. These trolleys are available in different colours such as red, blue, and pink and green. These Deluxe anaesthesia trolleys come with a total lock key system. The size of these trolleys will differ based on the requirement of the hospital. Every drawer in these trolleys will have an ABS basket will a well-organised divider.

anaesthesia trolley india

Ambulance Stretchers Manufacturers India

A stretcher is an equipment designed especially for medical care of patient suffering from any medical ailment that restrict him from moving from one place to another on his own feet. Ambulance stretchers are used to carry patients.


A leading manufacturer of ambulance stretchers and other medical equipment is DESCO INDIA (Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd). DESCO INDIA is a leading manufacturer of ambulance stretchers that are especially designed keeping in mind the comfort and safety of the patient and are easy to carry anywhere as are foldable. DESCO INDIA is an ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485:2003 WHO GMP CE CERTIFIED Company and is manufacturing medical, scientific and hospital furniture since 2005. A wide range of equipment are manufactured, supplied and exported to the clients at reliable rates.

A wide range of good quality Ambulance stretchers are manufactured and supplied by DESCO all over the world at affordable rates. As they comprise very important hospital furniture that are used to carry patients from road accident site, heart attack patients from home or from any other emergency site, they are made from high quality material and tested thoroughly so that they will not found with any complaints afterwards.

A variety of this product is available with DESCO to meet different needs of the patients:

  • Ambulance Stretcher
  • Ambulance Stretcher cum wheelchair
  • Wheelchair Stretcher
  • Folding Stretcher 1 Fold
  • Folding Stretcher 2 Fold
  • Folding Stretcher 4 Fold

Hospital ambulance stretcher is made up of high quality aluminium and it can prevent rust and easy to clean. It has soft foam mattress on the surface to give comfort to the patient and protecting block on the sides.

The second product Medical Ambulance stretcher cum wheelchair is having the load capacity of 120kg. It is especially designed to be used in ambulances and stairs or elevators. It is light weight and strong in structure.

The third product Wheelchair stretcher with folded size 93x51x16cm is designed especially to be used at narrow places.


Folding stretcher 1 Fold is fitted with canvas top with load capacity of 160kg. It has metallic pole ends with nylon grip handles to give a good grip while handling.

Folding Stretcher 2 Fold is 210L x 55W x 15H cms in size with knock down construction to save freight.

Folding Stretcher 4 Fold is 210L x 55W x 15H cms in size is foldable width wise and is easy to be carried due to its foldable nature.

When it comes to the safety and comfort of our near and dear ones, we cannot take chance. A patient needs extra care and relaxation and quality of surgical equipment cannot be compromised that’s why DESCO INDIA deals with the best quality equipment at the most affordable price. Also, a wide range of products are available to meet the different needs of diverse patients. For faster recovery of the patients, doctors recommend good quality hospital furniture and surgical products. So, do not take chance and go for DESCO MEDICAL INDIA products.