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Hospital Furniture Manufacturers

There was a time when the hospitals smelled of disinfectants and the furniture in the hospital was so hard and strong that they would look quite intimidating. To visit a hospital or to get admitted there would make the patient and his family quite depressed. But now, the hospital furniture plays a very important role in the healthcare segment. They are not only made with the comfort factor in mind but are also quite critical to the success of medical treatments. They help the surgeons in performing surgeries and also provide safety to the patients. With the right kind of medical furniture, the patient feels comfortable and recovers faster after the surgeries.

Leading hospital furniture manufacturers

We are the leading medical furniture manufacturers in the country. By combining elegance and innovative designs with safety and usefulness, we ensure that our products are perfect for the hospital environment. We have a whole range of items in our stocklist and are the leading manufacturers of hospital beds, hospital carts, stands, cabinets, ward furniture, baby furniture, bedside tables, etc.

What makes us special?

Our product range is developed under complete hygienic conditions, and are free from tin metals and toxic lead components. With the help of the cutting-edge technology, research and development, our products are made in such a way that they are safe to use and are high on performance. Keeping the client satisfaction in mind, our range is also available in customized versions. So, based on the requirements and preferences, the furniture can be designed with cosmetic changes.

The manufacturing process

Not only are the furniture manufactured in hygienic conditions, we also use the latest technologies and infrastructure for creating world-class products. With experienced professionals working on the quality testing and manufacturing process, our products pass each and every test. As we cater to the health industry, we give utmost importance to the quality checking. We only recruit the best technocrats, skilled machine operators, quality controllers, sales and marketing executives and the warehousing experts. All these people ensure that the product reaches the hospitals in the perfect condition. We have a team of production people, who keep a close watch on the entire production process so that each stage is completely monitored. This is done to ensure that the organisation caters to the clients in the most efficient and effective manner.

What do we deal in?

We deal in all kinds of hospital furniture. Some of our furniture range include:

  • Hospital beds
  • Obstetric Tables
  • Footstools
  • Trolleys
  • Revolving stools
  • Stretchers
  • Anaesthesia cart
  • Baby cribs
  • Bedside cabinets
  • Doctors chair and stools
  • Waiting Chairs and benches
  • Wheelchairs
  • Walkers
  • Ambulance Stretchers, etc.

Our furniture range is not limited to this. Visit our website to get more information and details on our entire range of products.

Delivering the Finest Furniture for your Hospital

As it is rightly said one should not compromise when the question is about life and death. With this motive in mind Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd known as DESCO was born. Mr. R.K. Sabharwal, founder and managing director of DESCO brand, with an idea of giving best of equipments to the hospitals in our country the DESCO group was incorporated in the year 2005. Healthcare and maximum comfort to the patients is given prime importance in DESCO.

DESCO India has a strong control on manufacturing capabilities. Other than our routine products, we specialise in designing and manufacturing products as per the client’s specific requirements. This research and development quality really gives us an upper head to build client’s confidence in our company.

The prices here is also controlled right from procurement of raw materials, production, transportation till the final product is prepared and delivered. Hence, the price of the final product is strictly controlled and monitored according to the economy

DESCO India is currently exporting Medical Hospital Furniture in 92 Countries with a long list of satisfied clients. We have been recognized as Star Export House Company by Government of India for Export of Medical Hospital Furniture. We exports Medical Hospital Furniture in OEM brands also. DESCO India has a worldwide network for distribution of Medical Hospital Furniture.

DESCO specializes in all types of hospital furniture which includes

  • Manual Beds

  • Delivery Bed

  • Electricity Beds

  • Examination Table

  • Gynae Obstetrics Table

  • Instrument Trolley

  • Mayo Trolley

  • Dressing Trolley

  • Medicine Trolley

  • Stretchers

  • Bedside Lockers

  • Bedside Screen

  • Bowl Stand

  • Baby Bassinets

  • Stools & Chairs

  • Over Bed Bedside Tables

  • Kick Bowl & Buckets

  • Hospital Cabinet

  • Hospital Foot Steps

  • Hospital Trolley

  • Hospital Table

  • Waste Bins and Other Hospital Accessories

We would be glad to take your specifications and prepare the equipments according to your needs, as DESCO’s vision is to maintain long term and transparent relations with our clients.

DESCO India: Best Medical Furniture Manufacturers for Hospitals

In any hospital or clinic, medical furniture equipped with all modern facilities play important role in health care. Good quality furniture not only helps doctors to perform medical treatments with utmost safety and ease but also comforts patients while their stay in hospitals. Deluxe Scientific Surgico Private Limited is leading manufacturer brand in medical furniture for hospitals and clinics.

Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd, also known as DESCO India is manufacturer of medical furniture for hospitals since 2005. With its innovative approach, personalized services and best quality furniture, DESCO has become the leading manufacturer brand of Medical Hospital Furniture in India. DESCO India is a WHO GMP Certified company and is approved by Government of India.

We, at DESCO India, manufacture such products which are used for health care and well being of people. So we never compromise with the quality of products. Since our start up, our main motive is to serve people with exceptional quality hospital furniture so that every doctor and patient can feel comfort at hospitals. Our products conform to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13495:2003, WHO and CE standards.

We manufacture all kind of medical hospital furniture. All our products are of all modern day medical facilities and assure the quality and comfort for patients. We are manufacturing all kind of hospital furniture including Manual Beds, Delivery Bed, Electricity Beds, Examination Table, Gynae Obstetrics Table, Instrument Trolley, Mayo Trolley, Dressing Trolley, Medicine Trolley, Stretchers, Bedside Lockers, Bedside Screen, Bowl Stand, IV Stands, Baby Bassinets, Stools & Chairs, Over Bed Bedside Tables, Kick Bowl & Buckets, Hospital Cabinet, Hospital Foot Steps, Hospital Trolley, Hospital Table, Waste Bins and Other Hospital Accessories.

Our products are manufactured by keeping your requirements in mind. Our manufacturing units are outfitted with the latest technology and equipment’s to provide superior quality products to the clients. So ask us to prepare furniture according to your requirements and we will serve you best quality medical furniture with desired specifications. Contact us now for your Hospital Furniture needs and get assured to the best quality furniture for your hospital or clinic.