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Get A Comfortable Stay In Hospitals With Leading Manufacturer Of Hospital Beds In India

Whether for a day or weeks, a stay in hospital leads us ultimately to stay in a bed. Most of the hospital beds are very uncomfortable with thin blankets and bumpy mattresses. They are either very high or very small. Because of this, patients always want to speed their departure from the hospital.


With Desco India all your uncomfortable days in hospital will transform into a comfortable stay. Desco India is a leading manufacturer of manual hospital beds, electric hospital bed. Beds are suitable for any treatment and make the stay of patients very comfortable in the hospital. We provide different kinds of beds for different treatments. The beds are well versed with medical equipments like IV stands so that it becomes easy for the doctor to do the treatment.


We manufacture the best quality medical hospital furniture since 2005. Our company is the fastest growing manufacturing company. We manufacture various hospital furniture in India which includes IV stand, manual beds, electric beds, stretchers, bed side lockers, cabinets, etc. We manufacture beds keeping patients comfort in mind. Patients will have the ability to raise or lower the beds according to the desired height.


We manufacture beds which are with wheels as well as without wheels. With our wide range of categories we are known for the best manufacturer of manual hospital beds in India. There are many categories of bed like plain wire mesh laminated bed panel, semi flower standard bed, semi flower bed wire mesh top, semi flower ABS panel bed, semi flower SS panel bed, full flower SS panel bed, full flower ABS panel bed, full flower side railing bed, ICU mechanical ABS panel bed, ICU mechanical side railing bed.


Our electric hospital beds are of different sizes like twin, full, king size to give you a feeling as if you are in your own home. Other categories are paediatric plain bed, paediatric semi flower bed, full flower orthopaedic bed, Balkan frame orthopaedic bed, multi function orthopaedic bed, ABS multi function orthopaedic bed, standard attendant bed, standard bed cum chair, semi flower with side railing bed, cholera bed, etc.


We always try to meet our clients’ needs and expectations and provide the best ever protection in electric hospital bed. No compromise is done with the quality of the product. We keep on checking the quality of the raw materials from manufacturing, then packing and finally to dispatch. We stay in personal touch with our clients and also attend medical trade fairs all around the world as we are known for the best provider of manual hospital beds.


Our products like manual hospital beds are very cost effective as we keep a complete control of pricing from the very beginning. We try to maintain long term relations and trust with our clients by giving them excellent service. Our clients are very happy with us as we are the only loyal and supreme provider of electric hospital beds in India.

Hospital Beds Manufacturers

When it comes to hospital furniture and beds, one cannot take chances. Only the trusted furniture manufacturers should be contacted, who would be able to give you a wide range of good quality furniture that will last longer and will be comfortable, as well. We feel proud to say that we are one such manufacturer, whose products are being used in various hospitals.


We serve the medical community by manufacturing only the best furniture for them. We keep in mind the comfort of the patient and also the ease for the doctors. With completely adjustable beds, which can be rolled up or down, based on the requirements, our furniture will help the medical sector in a big way. Our whole range of medical beds includes normal hospital ward beds, adjustable beds, ICU beds, Fowler Beds, Semi-Fowler beds, electric bed, recovery bed, etc.

Given below is a description of each type of bed:

  • Hospital Ward bed: This bed is fixed and is made up of superior grade materials. They also come equipped with special safety provisions. Made with steel pipe frames, the top is perforated with CRCA sheet, and the tabular hand and foot bows are made of equal height, which has vertical tube supports.
  • ICU Beds: The bed frame comes with a CRCA sheet on the top, and separate screws for the backrest so that the bed can be moved up or down. There are a knee rest and reverse position rest, which can be adjusted with attached folding handles. The bed is also equipped with IV rod locations, wheels and detachable panelled bows.
  • Fowler Bed: This bed again has a four-section perforated CRCA sheet on the top. With knee rest and back rest that can be operated with the help of attached folding handles, the bows are also detachable. It can be easily moved around with the help of wheels and comes with I.V. rod locations.
  • Electric Bed: The electric bed has a flexible backrest and Trendelenburg movement, and comes equipped with collapsible railings. There are buffers at the four corners and the movements are operated with the help of a wired remote. Along with wheels and stopper, the bed surface is ventilated, as well.
  • Recovery Bed: The recovery bed is the bed where the patient lies down after the surgery so it is meant to provide complete comfort. With I.V. rod locations, movable wheels, detachable bows, backrest and knee rest adjustments, the bed will only help the patient in one way, in recovering.

These are some of the medical beds that are manufactured by us. Visit our website for complete information on all our products. We strive to manufacture only the best products for the health sector. Give comfort to the patients by choosing only the best furniture for them.

The Need For Hospital Bed Suppliers: A Pivotal Issue

Health is one of the most basic requirement and right of each and every individual in world. There are many hospitals, nursing centres, clinics, medical institutions etc that actually lay down the base for efficient healthcare delivery that is supported by doctors, nurses and other medical staff. But equally important is the need for furniture in the medical institutions to deliver supreme healthcare to the patients. Out of all the furniture, hospital beds are one of the most vital one that is needed.


If we talk about world, unfortunately there are still countries that has a wide range of growing population who is prone to diseases due to one or the other reasons. If seen on an average scale then the hospitals in some parts of world are definitely facing the scarcity of hospital beds and thereby the health care is affected. To ensure better facilities there must be a well planned set up for hospitals under which hospital beds must be a priority. Until and unless there are not sufficient hospital beds, patients will linger on to the surroundings and as a result both environment as well as the patient’s health will suffer.


In order to combat the situation well the medical institutions can tie up with the hospital bed suppliers to curb the scarcity. Deluxe Scientific Surgico Pvt Ltd is one such supplier of hospital beds who provide timely and quality driven hospital furniture to the medical institutions. Some of the best quality hospital furniture they design and sell includes hospital beds, trolleys, lockers, IV stand, stools and chairs, cabinets and many more. So in case there is any such requirement they can be contacted easily at They build supreme quality medical furniture in compliance to higher standards of healthcare. Rest be assured of the timely delivery and get your medical institution, the best of hospital beds to meet the requirements of health care efficiently. Thereby if every medical premises take a firm step to have the best of hospital furniture, healthcare domain will become among the superior ones with better facilities all over.