Medical Hospital Examination Couch Tables Manufacturers India

Hospital Examination tables are used in various general surgeries and for examinations. There is a lot of variety in examination tables with different adjustments options and multiple sections are available. Listed below are the different types of examination couches:-

1)    Hospital Manual Examination Couch 2 section.

It has 2 sectioned cushion top. The framework of the bed is designed in the shape of rectangle and square tube, moreover the bed also has adjustable back rest by hand lever, so that patient can make the adjustment according to his/her requirement and comfort. With variable height, multiple functions, couch has been designed to meet the ever growing needs of busy practise. With advantages of low maintenance, good life and easy to use, this product is highly preferable. The size of product is 180l*60w*80h cms.


2)    Hospital Manual Examination Couch 3 section.

It has 3 section cushioned top. This couch provides much assistance in the reduction of manual handling issues, as well as provides a comfortable surface for the patient to be positioned. It has same features and size as that of 2-section cushion unlike the leg and rest section can also be adjusted by a level. With the choice of large wheelbase design the product is versatile to various applications.


3)    Electrical Examination Couch

It has 2 section cushioned top and framework is designed with shape of square and rectangle pipe. The body is mounted on 10cms castors. The back section and the height is adjustable by electric actuator controlled by remote up to 80cms. It is provided with foam top in high quality washable Rexene and provided with inbuilt foot step.  The size of the product is 183l*60w*60h cms.


4)    Cabinet Examination Couch.

It has 2 section cushioned top.  It has adjustable backrest by gas spring system. It comes with 3 drawers and 3 cabinets and hence the name Cabinet Examination Couch. It is fitted with rexine covered cushioned top with removable U cut. Strong construction made from mild steel CRWA sheets and coated with epoxy powder. The size of the product is 183l*50w*82h cms.


5)    Gynae cum examination table.

It has 2 section. The body section is mounted on rubber shoes, the backrest is adjustable on ratchet. The whole framework of the bed is made of round and square tube. It has lithotomy leg holder for the comfort of patient. The product size is 183l*60w*81h cms.


6)    Plain Examination Table

It has similar features to that of 2 section cushioned examination table. The design of the product is round and square tube. The product size is 183L*60w*81h cms. The body section can be mounted on rubber shoes. 5cm foam cushioned top covered with rexine and epoxy powder coated.


Medical Hospital Examination Couch Tables are manufactured with good quality material and are available at affordable prices by Desco India. They have a complete control on product pricing from raw material, manufacturing and packing till transportation. It has a worldwide network for distribution of Medical Furniture. We aim to deliver quality Hospital furniture at affordable prices and develop the trust among our clients.

Get A Comfortable Stay In Hospitals With Leading Manufacturer Of Hospital Beds In India

Whether for a day or weeks, a stay in hospital leads us ultimately to stay in a bed. Most of the hospital beds are very uncomfortable with thin blankets and bumpy mattresses. They are either very high or very small. Because of this, patients always want to speed their departure from the hospital.


With Desco India all your uncomfortable days in hospital will transform into a comfortable stay. Desco India is a leading manufacturer of manual hospital beds, electric hospital bed. Beds are suitable for any treatment and make the stay of patients very comfortable in the hospital. We provide different kinds of beds for different treatments. The beds are well versed with medical equipments like IV stands so that it becomes easy for the doctor to do the treatment.


We manufacture the best quality medical hospital furniture since 2005. Our company is the fastest growing manufacturing company. We manufacture various hospital furniture in India which includes IV stand, manual beds, electric beds, stretchers, bed side lockers, cabinets, etc. We manufacture beds keeping patients comfort in mind. Patients will have the ability to raise or lower the beds according to the desired height.


We manufacture beds which are with wheels as well as without wheels. With our wide range of categories we are known for the best manufacturer of manual hospital beds in India. There are many categories of bed like plain wire mesh laminated bed panel, semi flower standard bed, semi flower bed wire mesh top, semi flower ABS panel bed, semi flower SS panel bed, full flower SS panel bed, full flower ABS panel bed, full flower side railing bed, ICU mechanical ABS panel bed, ICU mechanical side railing bed.


Our electric hospital beds are of different sizes like twin, full, king size to give you a feeling as if you are in your own home. Other categories are paediatric plain bed, paediatric semi flower bed, full flower orthopaedic bed, Balkan frame orthopaedic bed, multi function orthopaedic bed, ABS multi function orthopaedic bed, standard attendant bed, standard bed cum chair, semi flower with side railing bed, cholera bed, etc.


We always try to meet our clients’ needs and expectations and provide the best ever protection in electric hospital bed. No compromise is done with the quality of the product. We keep on checking the quality of the raw materials from manufacturing, then packing and finally to dispatch. We stay in personal touch with our clients and also attend medical trade fairs all around the world as we are known for the best provider of manual hospital beds.


Our products like manual hospital beds are very cost effective as we keep a complete control of pricing from the very beginning. We try to maintain long term relations and trust with our clients by giving them excellent service. Our clients are very happy with us as we are the only loyal and supreme provider of electric hospital beds in India.

Hospital Instrument Trolleys Manufacturers India

Many instruments are required in the hospital for medical, surgical and laboratory purposes. These are to be carried from one place to another and sometimes they are required in emergency. It is not possible to take them at a time and it requires a man force urgently to deliver all at the same moment. Hospital Instrument Trolleys are manufactured to solve this purpose. These trolleys are made from ISI approved material and available in two varieties of double and triple shelves.

The Trolleys are suitable to carry a large number of items used in hospitals for surgical and other procedures. DESCO Medical India is certified to manufacture and supply high-quality equipment and furniture. A variety of Instrument Trolleys are manufactured for different usages:

  • 2 Shelves Standard Instrument Trolley- The structure of the trolley is made up of round tube with knock down construction to escape any slipping of the trolley while carrying load. It is provided with two shelves with three side railings in each shelf for support. The two shelves can carry a number of items and the trolley is fixed on wheels so that it can be carried from one place to another conveniently and quickly.


  • 2 Shelves Deluxe Instrument Trolley- The framework is made of round tube and the body is fixed on 7.5cms castors. This trolley has two shelves to ship instruments.


  • 2 Shelves Push Handle Instrument Trolley- This is somewhat different type of trolley which is provided with push handle on one side to slide the trolley. The two stainless steel shelves have up stands on four sides for support so that the things on the trolley may not fall down. The trolley is made up of heavy angle.


  • 2 Shelves Heavy Instrument Trolley- It is made up of heavy round tubes and the two shelves are provided with railings on three sides. The trolley is well constructed to bear load and safe carrying of equipment from one place to another.


  • 3 Shelves Standard Instrument Trolley- All the three shelves are provided with up stands to protect the things from slipping down. The structure is made up of round tube and the trolley is strong enough to carry all the medical and surgical apparatus securely.


  • 3 Shelves Instrument Trolley with Push Handle- The trolley is manufactured from high class material and is provided with three trolleys with up stands on all the four sides. It has push handle on one side to drive the trolley from one place to another on wheels.


Many models are available for each trolley differing in the construction material and measurements. Hospitals and nursing homes require these types of trolleys for carrying instruments and medicines for patients. It is a prerequisite for any health center and it is provided that the quality of the trolleys should be superior enough to be used comfortably and safely. DESCO made products are known for their excellence and they are supplied at wholesale competitive prices. There is a wide range of equipment and furniture to be selected for various needs as trolleys with two shelves and three shelves, with push handle or without push handle, trolleys made up of different materials and measurements etc.